Anger Management Counselling

Road rage; supermarket aisle rage; queue rage; carpark rage…the list of areas where rage is present, is limitless!  And behind that rage…ANGER!  Anger based on fear, frustration and inner discontent…and the emotions overwhelming the part of the brain that would normally tell us, “This is not worth getting angry about.”


Anger resulting in physical abuse is something most people know about, but there are many other ways anger can negatively impact on people’s lives.  And what most people who get angry fail to recognise is, that they are also losing out by venting their anger in an inappropriate way.


The good news is…anger in most cases, can be controlled!  By identifying and addressing the underlying core issues that drive anger; and then showing strategies by which the anger can be avoided; those who revert to anger can find a much happier and less dangerous (bad health/injury/penal penalties) way to live!


 Benefits for You 

greatly reduce the damage you are doing to your health
greatly reduce the potential of you doing injury to others or to yourself
enhanced satisfaction with your personal and work life
identify and overcome or mediate underlying problems that have been very negative factors in your life (often, for many years)
greatly reduce the stress in your work and personal life
keep relationships that once you would have lost
enhance your self-esteem and confidence by recognising that you have control over how you respond to potential anger situations
greatly enhanced sense of wellbeing