Career Counselling

If you are in a work situation where you:

increasingly hate going to work (“Monday-itis”; “Monday to Friday-itis”) 

are about to enter the workforce but have no idea which career path to follow   

are on a career path; hate it; but have no idea which path is the right path

…you need assistance with gaining objective criteria by which you can make a more objective decision.  Not just answers…but also the right questions to ask!

 Using the time-proven Discus Questionnaire system, you can fill out our Questionnaire quickly, but still receive a comprehensive, easy to read, extremely insightful report, that allows you to understand your preferences and dislikes across a number of important areas in your work life.

 The highly respected Discus system can be specifically tailored to identify the aspects that make you who you are as an individual; and which of those aspects you really do need to have in your work life, so that your job is something that you really choose and like to do!

 Benefits for You 

discover why you are feeling negative in your current job & what you may be able to do to overcome/improve the situation
discover why you don’t want to continue in your current job & what type of job you should be seeking
discover which things will be important to you in a job & which industry areas you might be able to find those things (Very important for new job seekers)
discover which sectors within industry groups better match your individual needs
enhance your opportunity to enjoy working
positively balance your work and personal life