Conflict Mediation & Resolution Counselling

Conflict is increasingly becoming a part of people’s lives.  The increasing divorce rate and things like stress and unhappiness in personal and work areas show that.  But does it have to be like that?  Happily, the answer is NO!


A lot of conflict is a result of poor communication.  It also results from people having different personality types; not wanting to see the other person’s point of view; being frustrated; and people believing that their way is the only way to see or do something!


By showing you how to identify why people act differently to you (the way they process things and work through things)…and why that can in fact be a positive thing…you will greatly enhance the pleasure you get in both your personal and work lives!


 Benefits for You 

ability to positively acknowledge and benefit from the differences others have
greatly reduce the stress in your work and personal life
enhance the pleasure available to you in your personal and work life
keep relationships that once you would have lost
enhance your self-esteem and confidence by recognising that you have control over how you respond to potential conflict situations
enhance your ability as a leader, through being able to create a positive environment in which people can effectively work as a team