Corporate Facilitation

Group facilitation and facilitated workshops are key facets of Options & Directions’ integrated approach of “strategic consultancy” for businesses. Our “need specific” approach combines one or more facets of facilitation, coaching and training, and is designed to achieve tangible improvements in bottom line performance for our Clients.

Corporate facilitation is a structured approach to achieving outcomes

We facilitate group meetings and workshops that are structured to achieve a previously agreed outcome. They are flexible and responsive enough to deal with whatever arises, whether it be a business issue or inter-personal. Using a facilitator enables everyone to participate fully and helps you achieve things that could not even be considered in the usual office and sales meetings.

Coaching in its role as facilitator is particularly valuable during the budget and strategy planning part of the year. Corporate facilitations (and if relevant, executive retreats) are designed to influence beliefs and values, identity and purpose, so that common desirable goals are clearly identified, along with the “how to” and the action plan, which enable the required outcomes to be achieved.

An Option…Executive Retreats

Whether your objective is to get to know each other better, team building to work together better, to be more innovative, to explore scenarios, or to get down to work on your strategy, business plan or budget, your company will achieve a lot more in the big picture sense, if you get away, change the environment and allow time for the process.

And, of course, the flexible planning of your event, allows the retreat venue and associated activities, to meet the specific likes and interests of the managers and staff of your business. As you’d expect, there is a wide range of indoor and/or outdoor activities you can include in your retreat, including the perennial favourite… golf!

These activities break the normal state, change the environment, and stimulate new thoughts and relationships. More, they can be designed as analogies for the project in hand and used to great effect throughout the workshop.

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