Effective Communication Counselling

With time at a premium these days and people’s attention spans growing shorter, when people communicate, the need to communicate effectively has never been more important!  Particularly in relationships…where poor communication is the cause of so many break-ups and associated misery.


Whether it’s oral or written, effective, empathic communication (two way communication where each person accurately understands what the other person is saying) is vital!  The good news is…effective, empathic communication can be learned!


So if you would like to be an effective, empathic communicator at work; in your relationship; or in social settings; this type of counselling (where you unlearn old, bad communication methods, and learn the appropriate, effective way to communicate) is something that will enhance your confidence and success in dealing with other people!


 Benefits for You 

many less misunderstandings
greatly reduced stress/arguments/tension resulting from misunderstandings
greater confidence in your ability to get your message across
greater confidence in understanding what others are trying to communicate to you
enhanced personal and work relationships and greater enjoyment from interactions in those areas
saving time by being able to quickly identify the core issues in any situation and act on them in much shorter time