Grief Counselling

Grieving is something that everyone experiences at some time in their life.  That awful feeling of loss and emptiness; of being overwhelmed by a never-ending sadness; that dominates both the mind and the emotions, leaving many people with a sense of extreme confusion, helplessness and loneliness.

There are many types of grief that humans have to deal with.  The most obvious ones being bereavement resulting from the death of a loved one.  Or the break-up of an important relationship.  Or a terminal illness a loved one (or oneself) is experiencing.

Even though grief is something we all have or will experience, it is something that is very misunderstood and/or extremely difficult with which to deal. Typical aspects being (a) how long will you be grieving? (b) is showing emotion beneficial or even appropriate? (c) what can I actually do to assist and work through the grieving process? (d) how can you change from being emotionally driven to a more cognitive approach?

Two very important things you need to know are:- (1) that except in situations such as in extreme grieving (which may be representing in depression), there are processes by which you can work through the grieving; and (2) that grieving is a completely natural human emotion!

 Benefits for You 

recognition that the grieving is beginning to take-over your life

identifying and articulating the feelings associated with the grieving

participating in a structured process of growth and healing

working in a supportive and non-judgemental environment

realising that one can constructively deal with grief while recognising its important role

regaining your feeling of control and feeling empowered