Life Coaching

As you can see from the menu to the left, I have detailed experience in a whole variety of counselling techniques.

Life coaching is my ability to dip into whichever area is relevant to your current roadblock, whether it be personal or work related, and put all of the jigsaw pieces that you're struggling with, into one clear picture.

My passion for life coaching is based on my ability to achieve this with a whole range of people. It doesn't matter if you are a CEO or an administrative assistant, I have experience in providing solutions for your particular challenge.

If you are in a position in life where you:

are in need of an objective "sounding board"
are struggling to balance the demands of a high flying career with a personal life; or
are just generally confused by life's choices and people's attitudes

…you need assistance with gaining objective criteria by which you can make a more objective decision.  Not just answers…but also the right questions to ask!

 Benefits for You 

discover the right strategy for taking the next appropriate step towards your desired goal
identify the right strategy for actually recognising your next logical goal
find why you are feeling confused & what you may be able to do to overcome or improve the situation
learn why you don’t want to continue on your current path & what you should be seeking
discover which things will be important to you & where you might be able to find those things
recognise your individual needs
positively balance your work and personal life