Relationship Counselling

Most people have experienced or been close to a situation where a relationship has broken down or run into problems.  Whether it’s a marriage or another form of deeply-held relationship, where deep emotions are in play, the real or potential fallout can be wide-reaching and devastating!

 If you are in a relationship where you recognise such things as:-

it’s lost its “sparkle”, fun and spontaneity

you really want to end it, but don’t have the courage to or the knowledge of how to end it

you would rather spend more time apart from your partner than with them

little things that you could once overlook (or found cute), now really annoy you

see children involved to their detriment

abuse or violence

increasing anger, frustration and blaming

 …then you need to get a relationship “health check” for that relationship! 

 Benefits for You 

early recognition that there is a problem (a vital factor in dealing with troubled relationships)

finding the willingness to address identified problems

learning the stages that relationships typically go through

learning if you really are ready to commit to a relationship

learning if you are a “commitment-phobe”; and if so, how to address that

learning effective, empathic communication skills (vital! and can be learned)

recognition that there are always two sides to relationship problems

learning how to appropriately exit a “doomed” relationship

and most importantly…where children are involved, how to avoid making them innocent victims!