Self Esteem Counselling

Do you suffer from low esteem problems?  Do you know someone who has low self-esteem.

Many factors can contribute to low self-esteem, and until those key factors are identified and mediated, the low self-esteem will continue to stunt the potential the sufferer has to live a full, happy, and meaningful life.

 Low self-esteem presents itself in a number of ways. 

withdrawal from social interaction

isolating oneself

being very critical of oneself

being very critical of others {projection}

inability to gracefully receive compliments

blaming oneself or others etc. 

Often it’s difficult for the untrained observer to recognise low self-esteem problems, because the sufferer has learned to mask how they really feel.  But despite that, masking low self-esteem is a ploy by the sufferer to avoid recognising that they do have a problem, and that they are too fearful to do something about it!

 Benefits for You 

allowing yourself to be happy with who you are as a unique and wonderful individual

recognising that you are a worthwhile person

freeing yourself from self-inflicted negative emotions

freeing yourself from negative and harmful “self-talk”

freeing yourself from self-imposed withdrawal and isolation

seeing people for who they are, and allowing them to have faults

gaining a healthier and more optimistic outlook

markedly lowering your stress level

enjoying a greatly enriched life