Stress Counselling

Everyone hears and reads about stress these days…and the various degrees to which it affects people’s work and/or personal lives. 

It can completely debilitate a person in their work and/or personal lives, or it may just be that it creates a sense of ongoing “feeling edgy”.  Either way, if you are feeling edgy or completely “wrung out”, it’s safe to assume that stress may be a cause.

Some stress is necessary for humans to go about their daily activities, but when stress becomes the cause of negative feelings and actions in your life, then it’s vital that you address it.  Not to address it can lead to unwanted outcomes that can affect your life in many undesirable, negative ways…including severe health problems!

 Benefits for You 

Your sense of well-being (more relaxed, less troubled) can be restored

Your health will improve (particularly those showing negative physical symptoms resulting from stress)

Your outlook on the way you feel about various aspects in your life, becomes more positive

Your motivation is boosted, so that you have a willingness to positively participate in work and/or personal situations

You are more capable of seeing things with a clearer mind

You become “more attractive” to be around, for those who interact with you in your work and/or personal life