Weight Issues Counselling

How many diets have you or someone you know been on?  And how many of those have been truly successful over a prolonged period?  Not many if any!  So is there something that’s not being addressed?


Many times, underlying problems cause people’s weight problems.  These often unrecognised, (and so unaddressed) problems, are the real cause of why people are putting on weight, or are unable to lose weight! 


In such situations, they eat for comfort; or (sometimes) to punish themselves…resorting to often severe diets to try to undo the resulting weight gain.  Diets of course that may provide short-term weight loss, but which don’t prevent continual overeating, or a long-term weight gain!


If YOU are on this eating, weight gain, diet merry go round, you need to look at your weight problem (actually your weight challenge) differently…by undertaking…Weight Counselling!


 Benefits for You 

sustainable weight loss/maintenance
greatly reduce the damage you are doing to your health
greatly improved health outlook
identify and overcome or mediate underlying problems that have been very negative factors in your life (often, for many years)
greatly enhanced self-esteem and confidence by recognising that you have control over your weight
greatly enhanced sense of well-being
wear the clothes you REALLY want to wear
enhanced satisfaction with your personal and work life
greatly reduce the stress in your work and personal life
keep relationships that once you would have lost